In the past 12 months, we've analyzed thousands of transactions on digital stores, and helped businesses process payments safely, without a single incident of fraud. And we'd love to show you how you can do the same.

Stripe Radar dashboard screenshot displaying 0% fraud rate, a testament to effective security.

Inspired by Sellix's article, we've developed a unique approach based on our analysis of tens of thousands of transactions over a 4-year stretch. We've crafted each rule with legitimate transactions in mind, ensuring we don't block or prevent genuine payments from coming through.

The Importance of 3DS

3D Secure (3DS) plays a pivotal role in curbing online fraud. 3DS is like an added layer of security that authenticates online payments. By implementing 3DS, not only you add an extra layer of security for your customers' transactions but also shift liability of fraud disputes to the card issuer.

Basic Radar Rules: A Must for Everyone

Some of Stripe Radar's basic rules that everyone should have in place include:

• Immediately block if a Card Verification Code (CVC) attempt fails.
• Mandate 3D Secure (3DS) for cards that support it.
Screenshot showing the 3DS rules in Stripe's Radar dashboard, enhancing transaction security.

3DS Rules:

Request 3DS if :risk_score: > 18
Request 3DS if :total_charges_per_customer_daily: > 3
Request 3DS if :card_count_for_email_weekly: > 1
Request 3DS if :is_anonymous_ip:

Block Rules:

Screenshot of Block Rules in Stripe's Radar dashboard, a tool for robust transaction control.
Block if :risk_score: > 45
Block if :card_3d_secure_support: = 'not_supported'
Block if :cvc_check: = 'unavailable'
Block if :cvc_check: = 'not_provided'
Block if :address_zip_check: = 'unavailable' and :risk_score: >= 15
Block if :address zip check: = 'fail' and :risk score: >= 15
Block if :dispute_count_on_ip_all_time: > 0
Block if :card_count_for_email_weekly: > 3
Block if :card_count_for_ip_address_weekly: > 3

Stricter Rules: Going the Extra Mile

For those willing to strengthen their fraud prevention even more consider:

• Let's tighten the screws, identify clever fraud activity and block it.
• Mandate 3DS for transactions with suspicious activity.
Request 3DS :ip_address_connection_type: = 'cable/dsl' and :risk_score: >= 10
Request 3DS :total_charges_per_ip_address_weekly: > 3
Request 3DS :card_count_for_ip_address_weekly: > 1
Request 3DS :blocked_charges_per_email_daily: > 1 and :risk_score: > 15
Block if :card_count_for_email_daily: > 3
Block if :card_count_for_ip_address_daily: > 3
Block if :card count for ip address hourly: > 2 and :risk score: > 15
Block if :digital wallet: = 'androidpay' and :riskscore: > 15
Block if :card_funding: = 'prepaid' and :risk_score: >= 20
Block if :distance between ip and billing address: >= 150 and :risk score: >= 25
Block if :blocked_charges_per_email_daily: >= 3
Block if :blocked_charges_per_ip_address_daily: >= 3

By implementing these 3DS and block rules, you can minimize fraud attempts by about 90%. But we're not here to help you minimize fraud, our mission is to eradicate it entirely and make your business a fraud resistant fortress.

Secret Rules: Our Ace up the Sleeve

Blurred screenshot of Block Rules in Stripe's Radar, teasing secret techniques available in our guide.

We've developed rules tailored to digital businesses, shared exclusively with our clients, that can drive fraudulent attempts down by at least 99%.

Our team navigates carding groups, finds their strategies, and instantly implements rules that block them.

We've compiled all our insights, experience, and secret rules into an easy copy/paste Radar rules guide that can make your digital store fraud-resistant.

Yes, this copy/paste rules guide comes with a $250 price-tag, and some may feel that's more than expected. Allow us to put that into perspective.

This isn't merely a guide, it's your route to peace of mind. It's the assurance that when you lay your head down at night, you wake up to a business that continues to earn, not one that's fallen victim to fraudulent transactions.

It is like a shield that safeguards your business from costly fraud disputes, saving you from damaging losses and brand reputation impacts. In the bigger picture, this guide contributes towards an anxiety-free environment, priceless to both your personal well-being and business vitality. Consider investing in lasting security for your store at our link.

To wrap it up, fraud prevention is not an option, it's a necessity. With Stripe Radar and our specialized rules, you can convert your merchant store into a fortress. Remember, it's not just about securing transactions, it's about preserving the trust of your customers.

Disclaimer: Please note that the guide and the information provided within, including our claims and results, are not intended to serve as legal advice. This content is based on our own experience and the data we have collected over years of operation and thousands of transactions. While we strive to provide accurate and reliable rules for fraud prevention, we cannot guarantee the outcomes. Every business is unique and results may differ depending on various factors specific to your operations. This guide is shared with the aim of aiding other businesses in their journey towards robust security; it is not a foolproof guarantee against fraud.