In the ever-evolving world of gaming (and incidentally, or naturally, chatting), staying updated with the latest features not only paves the way for an enriched experience, but also opens doors to potential strategic advantages. In this vein, we explore exciting updates on Discord, one of the largest communication platforms for gamers.

Discord has recently introduced two new features: Quests and Quiet Mode. Both of these features are designed to improve user experience by providing users with more ways to earn exclusive rewards and improved QoL. In this article, we take a deep dive into these new features and discuss how they can be used to improve your Discord experience.

Quick Summary

  • New Updates: Discord introduces Quests and Quiet Mode to bolster user engagement and provide better control over notifications, respectively.
  • Quiet Mode: This is a DND-like feature currently in the beta phase, which silences notifications without altering visibility of online status.
  • Quests Mechanic: Quests incentivize user interaction via rewards for completing special activities; Discord partners with other brands for these rewards.
  • DND Status Update: Enhanced customization options for DND status have been introduced.
  • In summary, these updates reflect Discord's ongoing commitment to enhance user experience and user-brand interactions.

Gamifying Engagement: Incentivizing Participation with Discord Quests

Discord is enhancing its user engagement dynamic through the rollout of its Quests feature. This new incorporation is designed to offer users various activities, with completion leading to certain rewards.

By merging gameplay with their communication platform, Discord suggests a new path of interaction for users, opening doors to greater community engagement.

An image depicting the Quests Feature of Discord having a popup with an accept quest button
Discord Quests Feature Leaked in a Preview Server

There's more however. The integration of sponsorships into Discord quests represents a strategic approach to enhance user engagement while offering brands direct access to a concentrated market. Data indicate a mutually beneficial scenario: users gain from the value-added interactions and rewards that sponsored quests provide, while sponsors receive heightened exposure within a tech-centric demographic.

A prime example of this unfolded in one of the foremost campaigns where Discord paired up with Epic Games, a leading player in the gaming industry. This collaboration turned the spotlight on 'Coruscant’s Pride Wrap', a coveted gun cosmetic wrap for the globally popular game, Fortnite.

The quest rules were straightforward: Discord users were given certain requirements, and upon their successful completion, they were awarded this exclusive Fortnite reward.

Not only did this campaign (which lasted from May 4, 2023, to May 22, 2023) add exclusive value for Discord's gaming-savvy audience, but it also provided a clear example of how sponsored quests could amplify engagement and forge strong alliances within the community.

An image depicting the quest reward redemption menu with dropdown for selecting multiple platforms
Redemption of Quest Rewards

Rewards from the quests can span from unique in-game skins to valuable in-game currency, helping to add an extra sparkle to your gaming experience. To make this process seamless, Discord has implemented a special redemption menu. However, notably, Windows isn't part of the platform dropdown, an area which Discord might soon address.

Quiet Mode: A Respite from Alerts

An image depicting the quiet mode menu with a toggle to enable it. It shows the feature is in BETA.
The New Quiet Mode

Apart from quests, Discord has quietly rolled out a new mode: the Quiet Mode. Currently in beta for selected users, this experiment silences all notifications, alerts, and sounds, similar to DND mode offering a sanctuary from incessant digital noise. This toggle, however, doesn't affect your online status making you DND incognito.

A picture depicting the DND mode submenu with options to choose the duration from 30 minutes upto forever.
The New DND Mode Duration Menu

Additionally, Discord's Do Not Disturb (DND) status has also seen a tweak with a handy submenu allowing users to select the desired duration of DND. This added layer of customization places practical control back in the user's hands.


Discord's new additions – Quests, Quiet Mode, and amendments to the DND status – add significant value to its platform experience. They present us with both potential for superior gaming experiences and an indication of Discord's continuous commitment to user sophistication.

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Remember, keep your game - and knowledge - updated.

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