Why would you want to add more members to your server? Is a large number of members on a server important? What benefits does increasing a server's member count truly provide?

These are just some questions that someone who owns a server in Discord might have thought off when growing their community for the first time.

Now let's examine the benefits of artificially adding members and how to acquire them.

What is Member Boosting?

First lets talk about what member boosting actually does. Member boosting is increasing the number of members on a Discord server using Discord Tokens/Accounts. This may include using third party services or bot scripts to simulate a user's account joining a server in order to increase membership.

What are the advantages in member boosting do for your server? In a business standpoint here are a few potential considerations:

Reach and Visibility: A larger member count means that your message or announcements will potentially reach a wider audience.
More members can lead to increased visibility for your business, products, or services. It may provide opportunities for lead generation and conversion, as more members mean more individuals who may be interested in what your business offers.

Community Engagement: A high member count can indicate a thriving community surrounding your brand or business.
This can foster engagement, discussions, and interactions among members, leading to increased brand loyalty, customer retention, and potential advocacy.

So, the question is, How do I buy or where do I buy? Well, there are a lot of options, but not all are guaranteed to be safe. Xyliase is a highly recommended site to check out for these purchases, and is a well known marketplace with reputable sellers offering great prices for Discord members. You can check them out and maybe you'll even find other services.

How do I purchase Discord Members?

Buying bots or tools is easy as long as you know where to find a good platform and seller, again for this example will be using Xyliase site.

Step 1. When purchasing Discord members from sellers, there are multiple options for payment, most common is crypto currency.

For example We will be purchasing members by just click buy.
Once you click buy a new window will appear asking you to select which crypto payment you will use to purchase members.

Step 2. After purchasing, provide the seller with your server link, and they will automatically add the Discord members to your account.

The seller will automatically add the discord members to your server


And that's it. If you are looking to improve your business or just use your communities reach and influence add some offline Discord members and expand your reach to grow your business or community.