Step Right Up: The Digital Arena

You're the proud owner of a Discord server, your digital domicile, filled with vibrant personalities, an energetic ambiance, and let's not forget those cheeky emojis that everyone adores. However, that elusive Level 3 pedestal seems like the ultimate goal, just tauntingly out of reach. Takin' a deep breath, partner! Let's navigate how you can power-boost your way to Level 3 automatically for cheap.

Boosting just became automatic

This, my friends, is where the magic happens. Tired of twiddling your thumbs, waiting for your members to manually upgrade the server? Boostly bursts in with a snazzy solution. It packs an automatic instant boost, delivering just the right dose to your server, every time, right on the dot. It's like your morning coffee maker, except this one pumps up your server while you're still stretching!

Screenshot of a Discord server, bursting with user engagement as multiple boosts fill the chat, showcasing vibrant and active online community with growing support and popularity.

Saving your money

Discord asks for $4.99 each month for a single boost, and achieving Level 3 requires 14 of these bad boys. Quick math here, and that's a jaw-dropping $69.86 per month. Phew, that price tag sure does raise our heartbeats!

But wait, with the Boostly 14 Server Boost package you'll only pay $4.67 a month from your wallet. This is a colossal $65.19 savings every month ($69.86 - $4.67). Your bank balance probably just breathed a sigh of relief!

How to purchase server boosts

1.) Visit

2.) Browse Packages: Check out the server boosting packages listed on the homepage, with options for various durations.

3.) Complete Your Purchase: Select your desired package, process a payment, and get your server boosted within 5 seconds.

Screenshot of purchase section on home page, with boosting services displayed.

Level 3 marathon or sprint?

Imagine that instead of panting while walking up the steep Discord Level 3 hill, you are on a Boostly escalator. They make the journey easier by making the climb feel like a fun walk in the park. Just make sure Boostly's rhythm doesn't jazz up too much and trip up your server!

So here's a quick overview of what Boostly has on its digital platter. Happy boosting, friends!

Boostly is a platform offering server boosting services for Discord servers.