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Often, people who need to publicize their product use various social networks where they place their advertisements. It is up to the advertiser to choose what to emphasize, depending on the audience. Surely many of you have thought that if your target audience is young enough, you need to take this into account when advertising your product. But for some reason, few people remember about Discord. And indeed - can Discord be used as a platform for marketing your products?

What are the advantages of this?
The Discord audience is quite large. It is mainly the younger generation, but not too much, so solvent, and also open to everything new.

In addition, Discord is a social network, in which servers work as communities of interest - fans of a certain game or artist, users of certain software. In Discord a user can often feel a part of a certain community, and in case it is a server of a media person - to be closer to it. After all, it is one of the few places where you can literally talk to the person in question.
Why are we here - Discord is full of interested people, not "dead" bots that will be paid for advertising.

So how can you use Discord as an advertising platform?
Our service can help you with that. On the site you can see two services - MassDM and MassFR, about which you can read separately, but here we will tell you briefly. You will be able to choose several servers, on the active users of which the targeted advertising will be distributed! At the same time, the conversion rate (clicking on the link) is quite high. You can advertise both the product itself and your own Discord channel dedicated to your product, which will be even more profitable and interesting. Users follow the link and read the information, which works more transparently - the user becomes calmer, more confident in the absence of scam, and also sees good reviews and real communication. All this generates interest, which in the future can be transformed into a purchase/subscription. You do not have to advertise in this way some product, it can be services, your own media, or even just your channel in discord on your topic.
It's convenient.

MassDM and MassFR services cost less than regular advertising on VK or other social networks, but they usually produce better results. Be sure to check out our article, where we compared our two services in detail so you can see which one is right for you.

Our support will help you, we work 24/7 with clients all over the world, and have a great weight and extremely good reputation as an advertising distribution service. If you have any questions or need help/ want to make a suggestion to us, then contact support. We guarantee quality performance of Discord marketing services.

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